How to Clean Safely

How to Clean Safely

With CocoShoals™ products, you don't need to worry about harsh chemicals harming your skin. However, we always recommend to wear protective gear to keep you from getting sick or protect your hands from rough and grimy surfaces.  

• Wear rubber gloves Rubber gloves, even disposable ones, to protect your hands from drying chemicals and germs. Keep separate gloves for cleaning and washing dishes.

• Rotate the wipe or cloth to a clean area for each item you clean so you are not reinfecting surfaces and wipe surfaces in one direction to keep from merely moving germs around. Toss a wipe when it's used up and use multiple wipes, if needed.

• Wash your hands after cleaning Once you are done cleaning dispose of any cloths, etc. and make sure to wash your hand thoroughly with soap and water. 

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