Meet Our Founder :
Dr. Priscilla Johnson

"I designed CocoShoals to be healthy for our planet and safe for our homes, children and pets."

Coco Shoals, formerly EcoDaisy, was launched at the New Bern Farmers' Market in North Carolina. I have been using the same formula for 13 years when I began selling eco-friendly cleaning products in 2009 at a small farmers’ market in North Carolina, with my toddler son — and “biggest inspiration” — in tow. We have been growing steadily ever since.

Our current line includes Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap, Multipurpose Cleaner, Air Freshener, Sneaker Spray and Car Spray. Our products have been featured on,, and

Since I was 13 years old, I was a self-proclaimed environmentalist. I was happy and lucky to grow up in Eastern North Carolina where I had that experience of community and appreciating the environment. Throughout my career, I have seen firsthand the power that companies of all sizes can have on the environment. I’ve worked at Dow, PG&E, and Microsoft to self-fund this company because I believe in protecting the environment. I realized that we have been devastating the planet and in terms of just dumping all kinds of pollution into our waterways, and it's to the point where you can't recreate in some areas, you can't eat the fish, you can't hunt, you can't just enjoy the outside.

Coco Shoals is moving to a vegan formula. It’s also focusing on more compostable packaging and subscription services that will create the opportunity for reusing more bottles. Coco Shoals are now sold on 14 different online platforms including Walmart and Amazon. I can talk to you about every single ingredient, and I can tell you what it is and what it does. I am determined to make Coco Shoals a household brand worldwide “I designed Coco Shoals to be healthy for our planet, and safe for our homes, children, and pets.” -Dr. Priscilla Johnson, Founder & Water Resources Engineer and ensure that daily-used products are safe for all.