College Internship Program

At Coco Shoals, interns work on meaningful projects that span all facets of our company from marketing and communications to data analysis to social media management. It's your time to be creative and offer innovative solutions to build brand recognition, increase sales, and reduce our carbon footprint. You will have the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by industry professionals during and after your internship. The Coco Shoals team is here to support you as you improve your career skills and gain valuable collaborative experiences.

Aside from our 12-week unpaid remote summer internship programs, we offer unpaid remote internships throughout the academic year. The ideal candidate would stay with us for the Fall and Spring semesters, but we are open to a one-semester commitment. The time commitment is approximately 10-12 hours weekly for our Fall and Spring interns (not including holidays and breaks) and approximately 20-25 per week for our summer interns. 

We look forward to our college interns working in our diverse, welcoming environment, helping us in our mission to create healthy homes and a healthy earth as we deliver the best possible customer experience. 

HBCU Brand Ambassador Program

Creating sustainable lifestyles, especially in marginalized communities, is at the core of what we do at Coco Shoals. Our team is looking for partners to spread awareness about the  importance of a healthy lifestyle that includes eco-friendly cleaning products. The HBCU Brand Ambassador program is a competitive year-long commitment. Ambassadors are welcome to continue with our program throughout their undergraduate education. The average weekly time commitment for our Ambassadors is approximately 5-8 hours. 

Our HBCU Brand Ambassadors will host a 30-minute Monthly Snack and Learn Educational Series on their respective campuses. They will also participate in community outreach programs to build social consciousness about what constitutes sustainability and to raise brand awareness. Brand Ambassadors will be compensated via our affiliate partners program for any sales generated from their followers on social media or through their various direct mailing campaigns. 

Our Coco Shoals team is committed to helping our Brand Ambassadors grow personally and professionally. Mentors and industry experts will be available to you throughout and after the program. Special recognition will be given to our Brand Ambassadors who exceed our expectations.

We look forward to creating healthy homes and a healthy planet with our Brand Ambassadors as we change the world one person at a time with our sustainable initiatives.